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  • Shape: Shape types increase the diamond's cut ability to reflect light, with most popular shapes being round, square, rectangular, heart-shaped and pear-shaped.
  • Carat: The carat is the weight of the diamond, while a metric"carat" is 200 milligrams, every carat can be subdivided into as many as 100 'points'. Allowing highly precise measurementsΒ to the 100th decimal point.
  • Colour: While there are many other colours, a chemically pure diamond is normally transparent to the highest degree. Although realistically almost no gem-sized diamond is completely perfect, however many diamonds share colours that are affected by their natural structural defect in their crystal lattices and natural chemical impurities, which many believe to add a whole new value.
  • Clarity: Being one of the great 4 C's of the Diamond, the clarity is the quality of the stones appearance and internal characteristics which also contribute to its transparency.
  • Cut: The cut of a Diamond immensely effects it's brilliance and creates a more luminous stone, a very popular cut is the Brilliant Cut which is greatly considered for when shaping a diamond to be polished.
  • Polish: Refers to the degree of surface smoothness on each facet, when inspected by a Gemologist.
  • Symmetry: Referring to the precision of how the different facets align and intersect, symmetry has great impact on value, diamonds graded with Excellent Symmetry and polish can be priced 10% to 15% higher than ones with only Good Symmetry.
  • Laboratory:Β G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) is the most trusted and used standard-bearer of the diamond certification in the industry. While A.G.S. is another certification for a diamond's degree of various qualities such as: light, performance, proportions, polish & symmetry, and stand at the highest possible levels, impacting maximum contribution to its beauty and value.
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